How to Boost the Immune System

How to Boost the Immune System

Inside your body is an immune system that is ready to defeat any single threat to the body's existence. If you are healthy, the immune system is successful, working hard seven days of the week. You cannot live without your immune system. Learn about boosting your immune system to improve your body's ability to fight disease. Read on to learn more.

Eat Healthy and Low-Fat Foods

1. Learn to like foods that boost your immune system like apples, oranges, leafy greens, broccoli, cantaloupe, brown rice and olive oil. Take a look at your food intake by listing the types of food that you eat each day. See if you can consume healthier food.

2. Eat vegetables, whole grains, beans, fruit, leafy greens and roots to build your body's ability to protect itself from becoming sick. Include fish and poultry in your diet because these foods give the body strength.

3. Stay away from high-fat desserts. Having a desert occasionally on special occasions is okay. Avoid deserts every day of the week or even three times a week. A consistent intake of high-fat diet food guarantees a decline in the body's immune system and eventually the start of a serious illness.

4. Cut down on dairy products, large quantities of red meat and eggs because these foods contain fats that are not easily digestible. Reduced fat in your diet will help reduce the changes of wearing the body down so it's defenses are weak.

5. Evaluate your eating habits in about two weeks to determine your progress on eating healthier foods.

6. Study and understand the importance of balancing your intake of vitamins and minerals. Too much of a good thing can cause an imbalance and thus the vitamins and minerals cannot perform their jobs to help protect you.

Consider Medicinal Herbs, Spices and Cancer-Fighting Foods

1. Take garlic because it is the powerful health enhancer. Many natural-health practitioners deem garlic as the cure-all plant. Its strong properties protect and stabilize the immune system when taken over a long period.

2. Drink green tea and black tea because they contain antioxidants, bioflavonoids, tannins and indoles. All of these antioxidants have proved to fight cancer.

3. Commit to learning about the use of medicinal plants from a traditional outlook. For centuries plants have been a natural resource for curing or easing body ailments due to the reduction of the immune system. Getting back to medicinal plants brings you closer to the natural process to help keep the body healthy.

Exercise to Build a Defense System

1. Walk 4 times a week, or if you are in better shape, jog 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes. Sweating and keeping the body moving and functioning beyond the normal daily routine boosts the immune system.

2. Start exercising if you don't exercise now. Keep in mind the benefits that result in simple starting an exercise program.