Belly Fat Burning Foods

Belly Fat Burning Foods

While there are no secret foods that just cure belly fat, certain foods will help your digestive tract, which will aid in losing weight around the middle section. Dieters must remember in addition to eating healthy to partake in regular exercise.

Complex Carbohydrates
Starting your day with a breakfast complete with whole-grain cereal and low-fat milk or oatmeal and fruit provides your body with the complex carbohydrates and fiber it needs. They raise your metabolism, and lower your insulin levels, avoiding a build-up of fat storage.

When you need a snack, try adding more protein to your diet, such as lean meats like turkey or chicken. It takes your body longer to process protein than it does fats or refined carbohydrates.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Eating fatty fish, such as tuna or salmon, aids in burning belly fat by changing the levels of the leptin hormone in your body. Leptin can directly alter your metabolism, deciding whether you will work off those calories or if they will be turned into fat.

You should supplement your diet with a variety of nuts. Macadamia nuts promote a healthy heart, and add fiber to help your digestion, while natural peanut butter is rich with immune boosting and anti-oxidant vitamins B and E.

Try switching to Olive Oil as it decreases high cholesterol, and choose the light-virgin olive oil because it is rich in anti-oxidants.