The Best Routine to Lose Weight on the Treadmill

The Best Routine to Lose Weight on the Treadmill

Treadmills have been around for many years and have been a favorite way for many people to lose weight. They are a convenient and effective way to get a good cardio workout and help you burn calories. There are specific workouts that are geared for optimum weight loss on the treadmill. If you follow certain tips, you can increase your weight loss potential.

Twelve Week Training
There are several ways to work out on a treadmill. Many people like to simply walk on the treadmill, which is beneficial, but typically will not increase your heart rate to the point of optimum weight loss. However, by getting your heart rate up and keeping it up for a period of time, usually thirty minutes or more, you will not only increase your stamina, but you will lose weight much faster.

Interval workouts on the treadmill are one way to efficiently burn calories. Interval workouts mean that you do certain routines on certain days of the week for a number of weeks, typically twelve. You may need to build up to the more strenuous portions of the workout, but after a couple of weeks you should be able to complete all portions.

The workout includes speed changes, hill climbing, and strength moves. You can create your own routine, planning out which days of the week you do each part of the routine. An example would be, on Mondays do an hour of brisk walking on the treadmill. On Tuesdays you could do an hour of power walking, increasing your speed on the treadmill each time. On Wednesdays you take a slower walk for the first couple of weeks, then pick up the pace and do power moves on Wednesdays as the weeks pass. On Thursdays you could make it your hill climbing day, increasing your stamina with the incline option. Fridays you could go back to a slower walk, while Saturday you move to your brisk walk, and Sundays can be your brisk walk with power moves, or inclines again. Each week over twelve weeks, increase your stamina by increasing your pace or the incline.

Interval Training
When trying to lose weight on a treadmill, interval training can be a very efficient way. Interval training essentially means that you are doing several different types of exercises in intervals. One way to accomplish this is by doing short bursts of a particular exercise followed by another short burst of a different exercise. The intervals should be broken down into segments. The easier portions of the routine should last anywhere from ten to forty seconds, while the harder parts of the routine should last between ten and thirty seconds each. The entire workout should have you feeling as though you can't do any other exercises at the end of the workout. You should do these high-intensity workouts between three and four times a week and make sure that the hard portions of the workout are indeed hard, and the easy parts are easy enough to give you a break from the hard.

Interval training should start with an easy exercise such as walking briskly. Pick up the pace and run for ten to thirty seconds, then slow back down for ten to forty seconds. You may run again, or walk at a challenging incline for the next ten to thirty seconds, then put the incline back down and walk again. By doing high intensity moves in intervals you are increasing your metabolism so that you will continue to burn calories even after the workout for up to four hours.

Losing Weight in Ten Minutes
Treadmill workouts can be very intense in short amounts of time. One way to lose weight quickly while on the treadmill is by doing ten minutes of high intensity power runs. This would include doing a fast run for ten minutes straight, then stopping. Another ten minute workout is to run at a fast pace for ten seconds, then stop abruptly and rest for ten seconds. Jump back on the treadmill and run on your power run for ten seconds, then rest again ten seconds. Do this stopping and starting routine for ten full minutes and your workout is complete.