How to Make Green Tea useful for Weight Loss

How to Make Green Tea useful for Weight Loss

You can use green tea for weight loss. You can not only use drink green tea for weight loss, but use can use actual green tea supplements instead. Green tea is made from camellia sinensis leaves. It come from China, used in many asian cultures. It's been known to be a used as herbal medicine. It support a healthy immune system. Green tea is made up of a powerful antioxidant, which increases the metabolism. The antioxidants in green tea is catechin polyphenois. This antioxidant helps promote longer exercise by reducing the amount of carbohydrates being used. Because the green tea increases the metabolism, it allows you body to burn fats faster. A good workout is recommended when drinking green tea.


1. Try to get 4-5 cups of green tea daily. It's good to try to get lots of green tea into your diet, to help support weight loss. Don't add sugar to green tea. You can find a lot of green teas with honey, if you want something with a bit more taste. Or there is cinnamon green teas available. Extremely tasty, and it doesn't even really taste like green tea. A lot of people complain about the taste, although I like it. However, there are different flavors of green tea. You should be able to find one that suits your taste buds.

2. Replace sodas with ice green tea and coffee with hot green tea. Of for starters, replace morning coffees with hot green tea. If you drink a lot of soda, replace them with ice green tea. You should probably stock up on hot green tea, and hot green tea if you prefer cold and hot drinks. Get into a routine, so you're not craving sodas and coffee instead. If you're drinking a lot of soda, that is too much caffeine. Besides, soda is not helpful in weight loss. Soda contains a lot of sugar, caffeine(much more than green tea), and it's high in calories. Obesity has been linked to soda drinks. The amount of sugar is too much.

3. Drink green tea with acai berry. Now there are green teas that contain acai berry as well. Acai berry, like green tea, promotes weight loss as well. You might be familiar with acai berry, hearing about it on Oprah. Drinking the combine powerful antioxidants in each drink is extremely healthy overall. Still maintain a good overall diet when drinking green tea. These drinks do help to promote weight loss, but you still need to eat well and exercise daily.

4. Try green tea pills. I've never tried the green tea pills myself. I'd recommend drinking actual green tea instead. For those who absolutely hate the taste of green tea, then take the green tea supplements. You might want to consult your doctor when taking these. Although I don't think it should be a problem. Green teas only negative side effect is caffeine. Which isn't a lot of caffeine in green tea. I believe some of these pills don't contain caffeine in them.