How to Lose Belly Fat With a Simple Walking Routine

How to Lose Belly Fat With a Simple Walking Routine

Belly fat is something that most Americans battle. Wouldn't it be nice to have a flat tummy? You can lose belly fat and have the stomach you always dreamed of if you follow a few basic walking rules.


1. It can be difficult to lose belly fat. One of the best belly fat busters is walking. If you follow a simple walking routine it can do wanders for your waistline. Walking can actually flatten and tone your stomach more effectively than sit ups. Below are a few simple tips to pep up your walking workout and make it more productive.

2. The first step is to pace yourself. If you are not normally very active you don't want to jump in with both feet and burn yourself out before you begin. Start with walking about 15 minutes twice daily. You want to walk briskly but you are not in a marathon. At this juncture of your belly fat loss journey you are simply easing yourself into a routine. Once you have became more use to your daily walks you can lengthen the time and distance. Eventually you want to walk at least an hour a day at a brisk pace. You don't have to walk an hour straight. You can divide it up into two walks if you prefer. So long as you are getting in your daily walking time you will start to see a reduction of belly fat.

3. Shake up your walking routine. You do not want to walk the same trail each day. Continually covering the same ground will surely become boring and weaken your desire to continue your walks. Choose new and adventurous places to walk. Try to pick spots that are filled with the beauty of nature. As you walk to lose weight and belly fat you will also gain the peaceful images of mother nature. If you find yourself less than excited about the outdoors you can always walk in the mall. An occasional glance inside your favorite boutique can be beneficial. There is almost nothing like the sight of the little black dress you always wanted to enhance your desire to lose the belly fat.

4. As well you may want to listen to music as you walk. An upbeat tune will boost your mood causing you to pick up your pace. You'll be jamming out and walking off the inches.