How to Grow Your Hair Super Long

How to Grow Your Hair Super Long

By practicing these simple steps, your hair will grow super fast, super quickly! Not only will it grow really long, but it will be healthy and shiny.

Things You'll Need
  • a boar bristle brush
  • a prong brush

1. First, start by limiting the frequency of your hair washing to every 3 days. During the last couple days it can be helpful to keep your hair in braids. Over washing your hair will cause it to be dry and brittle. By only washing your hair every 3 days, you will retain the natural oils which nourish your hair, making it healthy and strong.

2. Next, massage your scalp every night with your prong hairbrush. Really rub your scalp with it in circular motions. This gets the blood circulating in your hair follicles, necessary for hair growth.

3. Finally, brush your hair every night with a boar bristle hairbrush. Start at the roots and brush with long strokes all the way down to the ends of your hair. this will pull that natural oil throughout your hair, nourishing it and strengthening the tips of the hair shaft.

Pretty soon, your hair will be long and strong!!!