How to Get A High Metabolism (9 Steps)

How to Get A High Metabolism (9 Steps)

Knowing how to get a high metabolism will help you burn more calories and lose the weight you want to lose. You can increase your metabolism by starting some new healthy exercise and diet routines. You will lose weight while eating more and feeling great. Even naturally low metabolisms can be increased with good daily habits.


1. WEIGHT TRAINING - Begin a weight training routine three to five days per week.

Weight training is the best thing that you can do to increase your metabolism. The muscle that you build will keep your metabolism running long after you finish exercising.

Muscles burn more calories than fat does. Your muscles will continue to burn fat even when you are sleeping. Build more fat burning muscles today.

2. CARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISE - Begin a cardiovascular exercise routine five to seven days per week.

Exercise thirty to sixty minutes per day in addition to your weight training exercises.

Cardiovascular exercises consist of walking, running, skiing, jump roping, jogging, biking and other activities.

Exercise can be a fun way to boost your metabolism, find something that you like and do it everyday.

3. SPICY FOODS - Eat spicy foods to give your metabolism a boost. Spicy foods such as chili pepper or curry will turbo charge your metabolism.

4. GREEN TEA - Drink at least four glasses of green tea each day to speed up your metabolism. Green tea has proven metabolism boosting properties.

5. MILK - Drink at least three glasses of milk everyday. Milk increases your metabolism and helps you burn more calories. Drink milk everyday and you will notice the results on the scale.

6. ACAI BERRY JUICE - Drink at least one glass of acai berry juice to give your metabolism and your energy level a boost. Acai berry juice is delicious and will also help you feel full after meals.

7. WATER - Drink plenty of water throughout your day. Drink at least eight glasses of water spread out evenly throughout your day.

8. HOT DRINKS - Drink your favorite hot drinks in the winter time or when it is cool outside. Drinking hot beverages when it is cold will help you body increase your metabolism and burn more fat.

Knowing how to get high metabolism will help you to enjoy food and still lose weight.

9. COLD DRINKS - Drink cold drinks on warm or hot days. Your body will warm up the beverage and burn more calories doing so.