How to Exercise Without a Gym

How to Exercise Without a Gym

Fitting exercise in to your schedule can be challenging, especially when you are traveling or don't have a gym. There are exercises for every muscle group that can be done using just your body weight. Let's take a look at how you can get an effective workout.


1. Find an open area where you can have room to workout. If the weather is nice, it's ideal to find a park, beach or a high school football field with stairs. When you are looking for a great place, remember that everything in the vicinity can be used as a tool for your workout.

2. Figure out your strength training and cardio routines. If you are near a track and stairs, you can run laps and stairs. If you don't have as much space, try doing shuttle runs back and forth. You are going to warm up with cardio and stretching and begin moving to the strength training. In between your strength sets, you will want to do approximately two minutes of cardio to keep your heart rate up. Try jumping jacks, mountain climbers, sprints, stairs, high knees, high kicks or any kind of cardio you'd like. It may help you to make a list of all the different exercises.

3. When you are strength training without a gym or weights, it is best to try to do a complete body workout using just your body weight. Here are some examples of exercises: push-ups, sit-ups, walking lunges, squats, dips, pull ups, rows and many more. Everything can be tweaked just by using some of the things around you for equipment. Pull-ups can be done hanging in a doorway, or any other railing. Dips can be done by elevating your legs on stairs above. Even shoulder exercises can be done if you are in a downward dog yoga position and your hands are holding your body weight while performing a push up. Anything is possible.

4. By incorporating strength exercises and bursts of cardio in between, you will have a great workout without even stepping foot into a gym. Just be sure to be careful in any exercise that you perform.