How to Clear Nose Pores

How to Clear Nose Pores

Pores are the small holes in the skin that allow the excretion of sweat and other fluids from the body. Occasionally these pores become clogged with the dirt and oil that go through them. These blocked up pores then become enlarged and very noticeable, which most people find extremely annoying. Clogged pores are very common on the nose and nearby areas of the face because of the excess amount of oil produced there. If you have clogged pores, there is a simple way to clear them at home.

Things You'll Need
  • Egg
  • Bowl
  • Eggbeater
  • Toilet paper

1. Separate one egg into a bowl. Keep the whites in the bowl to use. You won’t use the yolks for this process.

2. Whisk the whites with an eggbeater until they are foamy and opaque. The whites don’t need to be beaten until they are stiff, but just until they are not runny.

3. Rip a piece of toilet paper so it fits on your nose and over the bridge. The paper should go just past the contour of your nose, so you will have something to hold onto when the paper needs to be removed.

4. Dip your fingers into the egg whites and get your nose wet with the liquid. Don’t apply so much that it runs down your face, but apply just enough to create moisture on your nose.

5. Place the piece of toilet paper on your nose directly over the egg whites. Press the paper so it is smooth and flat against your skin.

6. Wet your fingers again with the egg whites and spread it over the toilet paper. Keep doing this until the paper is saturated and pasted to your skin.

7. Let the egg whites dry for at least 30 minutes. You need the paper to be solid and hard, so wait longer if your paper still feels soft.

8. Grasp one edge of the paper and swiftly pull it off your face. Don’t roll the paper off; pull it out and away from your face.

9. Wash your face with water once the entire piece of toilet paper is removed. This will get rid of any egg white residue that was left behind.