How to Boost Metabolism With a Banana & Apple Diet

How to Boost Metabolism With a Banana & Apple Diet

One of most critical components of losing weight and increasing energy is boosting your body's metabolism. Alterations to the content and frequency of your usual diet is one way to increase metabolism while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A diet of apples and bananas is one method of rejuvenating your body with calories, natural sugars and potassium while lowering your daily caloric intake.

Things You'll Need
  • Bananas
  • Apples

1. Increase the frequency in which you eat during the day, while reducing the portion sizes per meal. For example, the average adult eats three large meals a day. With a banana and apple diet, you would eat five to six smaller meals with the additional meals consisting of a banana or apple.

2. Eat a banana, coupled with a diuretic like coffee or tea, every morning to aid in the digestive process throughout the day. According to Every Diet, a banana at the start of your day improves the function of the digestive track, which results in faster break down of any food you ingest during subsequent meals.

3. Consume a banana and apple just before aerobic or anaerobic exercise. The sugars from the apple provide quick energy to aid your workout, while the potassium from the banana prevents lactic acid build up on muscles. Longer workouts burn more fat and increase your metabolism.