Fruits That Boost Metabolism

Fruits That Boost Metabolism

What you eat can help boost your metabolism rate, or the rate at which your body processes and burns off fuel. While eating properly will help you boost your metabolism, your metabolism rate depends on many things combined such as exercise, your diet, how often you eat, when you eat, how much water you drink and some things that you might not be able to control like your age and genetics .

Leptin is a hormone that naturally occurs in our body. Leptin is responsible for energy both put in and taken out of our body in the form of energy. In other words, leptin helps regulate our appetite and our metabolism. By eating fruit, you can help the natural occurring leptin to help increase your body’s metabolism function.

How Fruit Can Boost Metabolism
Many experts recommend including fruit into your metabolism-boosting diet. Fruits that are rich in phytonutrients and vitamin C help boost your body’s metabolism rate by helping the natural-occurring leptin in your body work faster and more efficient. Other fruits to look for are fruits that have high water content. Water is essential to helping your body’s processes work, especially metabolism. While it is recommended to drink a lot of water while boosting your metabolism, you can help with this by eating fruits with high water content.

Fruits With Vitamin C
Fruits such as lemons, grapefruit, oranges, limes, tomatoes, mango and kiwi are all very high in vitamin C and can add a boost to your metabolism. Most especially kiwi and grapefruit are essential to include. A kiwi has almost the full amount of vitamin C you need in a whole day, while grapefruit has been proven to have a very unique metabolism boosting quality.

Fruits High in Water
Other fruits to include are melons such as honey dew melons and watermelon. Because of their high water content, they can help speed up your metabolism by making sure your metabolic process has plenty of the water that it needs to function.

Other Fruits
If you are unsure of what other fruits are good to help you boost your metabolism, pick out fruit that is very colorful. The flavonoids and carotenoids that produce the strong color also indicate a high level of phytonutrients and work with your body’s natural leptin to boost your metabolism. Good examples of these fruits are cherries and blueberries.