Signs and Symptoms of Minor Depression

Signs and Symptoms of Minor Depression

Most people who live with depression exhibited signs of minor depression at the beginning. Sometimes, the person suffering from minor depression may hope or think the signs are just temporary and will go away. However, this thinking usually makes the depression worse. Inform friends and family if you notice signs of minor depression.

If you are showing signs of minor depression, you may appear sad. This may not occur on a daily basis but perhaps once or twice a week. You may be able to snap out of it easily or at least show an outward appearance of overcoming the depressed mood. The mood may strike at any time, and for no reason.

Poor Attitude
Your desire to participate in everyday activities relating to school, home, and work may diminish. Perhaps going to the store, reading a book, or doing daily chores seem too difficult to accomplish. Recreational activities may even become less important. You may feel the need to make excuses about why something was not completed or finished on time. Depression can bring on an "I don't care" attitude.

Loss of Appetite
Loss of appetite may be a sign of minor depression. Feeling less hungry or even nauseous at the thought of eating something may signal the beginning stages of depression. Food preferences may change as well. Perhaps you crave sweets or foods high in fat to somehow comfort you on days you feel sad. Appetite changes may occur slowly over a period of time.

You may feel like you should have done things differently earlier in your life. Perhaps you made poor grades in school and now feel like it has caught up with you somehow. Maybe a failed marriage or a bad career move triggered the depression.

Sleep Difficulty
Sleep can become a chore for minor depression sufferers. You may have trouble falling asleep because your mind is constantly going, worrying about something that needs to be done or should have been accomplished. Perhaps you wake up periodically during the night and have trouble getting back to sleep. People with minor depression may have to rely on medication to get to sleep.