How to Recognize Cancer Symptoms for Women

How to Recognize Cancer Symptoms for Women

If you are a woman you should take your health very seriously. Many woman fail to detect the early signs of Cancer and it will eventually cost them their lives. Many times when caught early Cancer can be treated for women. Here is a check list to help you recognize Cancer Symptoms in women. Make sure you refer to this checklist from time to time to see if you have Cancer Symptoms. Also if you are at all concerned you may have Cancer see the advice and expertise of a trained professional.


1. Wheezing or shortness of breath - Possible Lung Cancer

Look for shortness of breath similar to asthma. This will be noticeable if you are looking for it but could be overlooked if you are not paying attention to recognize cancer symptoms.

2. Chronic cough or chest pain - Possible Lung tumors or leukemia

Look for a persistent cough or a repeated cycle to the coughing. Also look for pain that goes from the chest down the arm or to the shoulder.

3. Frequent fevers or infections - Possible Leukemia

Look for a fever because of your body's inability to fight off infections. This is usually diagnosed after a long period of flu like symptoms with fever and achiness.

4. Problems swallowing - Throat Cancer

Look for problems swallowing. This can also be a sign of lung cancer.

5. Cancer Symptoms for Women
Swollen lumps on the neck, underarm or groin - Leukemia or problems with the lymphatic system.

These can be signs of breast cancer when swelling is in the glands of the underarm. These are usually painless lumps.

6. Excessive bruising or bleeding that will not stop - Early signs of leukemia

Look for bruising in unusual places or bruising more than you would in the past. Also bleeding in the gums could be a sign of problems with the blood platelets and red blood cells which could be a sign of Cancer.

7. Constant weak and tired feeling - Multiple Cancer's

If you have weakness or tiredness that is unexplainable and does not change if you allow your body more sleep you should consult a doctor. This is signs something is not right with your body and it could be Cancer.

8. Cancer Symptoms for Women
Weight gain in the abdominal area - tight pants - Ovarian Cancer

This is different than the regular bloating you would see with PMS, this weight gain will come on pretty suddenly and will come and go over a long period of time.

9. Full feeling and not able to eat - Ovarian Cancer

When women feel full and have not eaten for some time. This is usually seen with the weight gain or tight pants syndrome.

10. Pain in the pelvic or abdominal area - Ovarian Cancer or Leukemia

This one is hard to spot since pain in the pelvic can be a symptom of many things. Make sure you take into consideration the other symptoms you have and if your uncertain see a doctor immediately.

11. Cancer Symptoms for Women
These are just a few things you should take into consideration when looking for Cancer symptoms.
Make sure you consult a doctor for medical advice.