The Most Effective Weight Loss Pills for Women

The Most Effective Weight Loss Pills for Women

Many women struggle with losing weight and are continually searching for the next “big” thing in weight loss. Weight loss pills geared especially for women can be effective in helping a woman lose unwanted pounds. However, the market is saturated with both over-the-counter and prescription weight loss medication. Women need to be educated consumers when shopping for the most effective weight loss pill. Depending on your particular metabolism, the effects of certain pills will vary from one individual to another.

Over-The-Counter Weight Loss Pills
There is an overabundance of over-the-counter weight loss pills, so a woman would be wise to know as much about the product as she can prior to purchasing it. One of the newest pills on the market, Alli, also known as Orlistat, was originally a prescription medication that the Federal Drug Administration approved as an over-the counter pill. As with almost all weight loss pills, Alli is the most effective when it is used in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise. Alli is a fat blocker and helps prevent the absorption of fat into the body. It is essential to eat a low-fat diet when taking Alli in order to prevent unpleasant side effects. If taken properly, Alli has proven to be an effective tool in the battle to lose weight.

Prescription Weight Loss Pills
Prescription weight loss medication can only be taken when prescribed and recommended by a doctor. Usually, when a weight loss medication is prescribed, the patient’s weight is threatening her health and she has been unsuccessful losing weight strictly with diet and exercise. Prescription medications may have extreme side effects and the woman must be under a doctor’s supervision when taking this type of weight loss pill. Though there are risks involved when taking any type of prescription medication, the advantages may outweigh the dangers if they can help an obese woman lose weight. Prescription appetite suppressants include Adipex or Phentermine. Another powerful prescription medication known as Acomplia is a receptive blocker, which blocks certain receptors in the brain that make people hungry.

Natural Weight Loss Supplements
Natural weight loss supplements can prove to be extremely effective in aiding in weight loss. However, the majority of natural supplements are not approved by the FDA. Therefore, women should exercise caution when using these types of supplements. Some natural aids to losing weight include the inclusion of fiber in one’s diet. Additionally, a variety of natural remedies, specifically green tea, which is known for its fat-burning properties and powerful antioxidants, is now being touted as an excellent way to rev up one’s metabolism.

Diet and Exercise
Women must remember that there is no magic cure in the quest to lose weight. Pills alone cannot take off those unwanted pounds. It is necessary to change one’s behavior and lifestyle by incorporating a healthy way of eating as well as regular exercise. Integrating weight loss pills or supplements is a great way to kick-start a weight loss program. However, for long-term results, the best way to lose weight and keep it off is learning how to eat fresh and healthy foods and incorporating exercise as part of your daily lifestyle.

Prescription weight loss medication should only be used for the severely obese who are facing multiple health issues due to their weight. Both over-the-counter pills and prescription weight loss medications have a long list of dangerous side effects and this should be taken into consideration before starting any weight loss program. No matter how much weight you wish to lose, you should also consult with your physician prior to taking any type of weight loss aid.