How to Treat a Pulled Hip Flexor

How to Treat a Pulled Hip Flexor

Your hip flexors serve an important purpose in regard to daily functions. They allow you to bend at the waist and lift your knees. Motions such as kicking, running and jumping are made possible by these tendons. Once diagnosed with a pulled hip flexor, there are steps that can be taken to help treat the injury and get you back to sports and other daily activities.

Things You'll Need
  • Ice
  • Elastic bandage
  • Anti-inflammatory medications

1. Get plenty of rest. Rest will allow the tendon to heal and prevent further injury. Not allowing for a proper recovery time can further injure the tendon and may result in a tear. Typical recovery time for a hip flexor pull is anywhere from five days to several months, depending on severity.

2. Use ice to help reduce swelling and keep pain at bay. You should ice the area for 15 minutes at a time up to five times a day. Make sure not to apply ice to unprotected skin as this may cause irritation.

3. Consider using an elastic bandage to compress the area. This will further help to reduce swelling and help to stabilize the injured area. Keep the bandage tight enough to compress, but do not make it so tight that circulation is compromised.

4. Keep the area elevated. You can use pillows to accomplish this. This will help to keep fluids from pooling in the injured area and reduce swelling.

5. Take anti-inflammatory and pain medications as directed by your doctor. If the pain persists or gets worse your doctor should be contacted, so a new evaluation can occur.