How to Spots Signs of Mental Illness

How to Spots Signs of Mental Illness

Mental illness can have devastating effects on the victim who suffers and her loved ones. This is why it's so important to be able to spot the signs of mental illness early to receive treatment and have the best chance of recovery. Even though specific symptoms characterize individual illnesses, you can still spot the general signs of mental illness.


1. Notice an inability to cope with life's daily activities and challenges. If you find yourself or a loved one becomes increasingly overwhelmed and stressed by normal activities, you should speak to your physician.

2. Watch for a noticeable personality change. You can spot signs of mental illness like extreme anger or sadness not usually seen in a person's character.

3. Spot signs of mental illness by paying attention to whether a loved one acts in a strange or grandiose manner. You can easily spot signs of mental illness if you notice a loved one hears voices or becomes delusional with feelings of inflated self-importance. Contact his doctor or a psychiatrist immediately.

4. Be on the lookout for drug and alcohol abuse, also signs of mental illness. Many victims of mental illness self-medicate with various drugs or alcohol to cope with overwhelming feelings or a fear of losing control.

5. Determine if a prolonged depression exists. Everyone gets depressed once and a while, but it you find that a loved one has difficulty functioning each day due to depression or apathy over an extended period of time, encourage them to seek help right away.