How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle in College

Healthy Lifestyle in College

College is a time known for young adults spreading their wings and developing their minds. Unfortunately, many often develop unhealthy habits that can last much longer than the four years of college. Pay attention to the following tips to live a healthy college lifestyle.


1. Get plenty of rest. With studying and social obligations, college students pull all-nighters and still make it to early class. To function properly, your body and mind need at least eight hours of sleep each night. Go to sleep early enough to get your full requirement, and encourage your roommate to respect your need for adequate sleep.

2. Watch out for the freshman 15. Eat a well balanced diet. College students are notorious for living on a diet of junk food and beer. Drink plenty of water and eat whole grains and vegetables daily. If you have the benefit of a meal plan in the college cafeteria, make good use of the salad bar and watch out for huge portions and treats such as soft serve ice cream. The occasional indulgence won't affect your weight and health if you eat healthy most of the time.

3. Limit alcohol intake. College students often spend more hours devoted to keg parties than to studying. Over indulging in alcohol is dangerous, unhealthy and possibly illegal. It can lead to other dangerous choices such as smoking, drug use and questionable sexual activity. Know your limits and stick to them.

4. Exercise regularly. Physical activity helps build a strong body and mind. College students who exercise regularly benefit from a healthy physique and a mind that is more at ease with less stress. Make use of the college gym or pool, which are typically available to students free of charge.

5. Manage your stress level. College can bring on a myriad of stressful situations. Aim for balance in your life between your social and academic activities. Only take as many classes as you can handle successfully and lean on your support system of friends and family when stress arises.