How to Lose Weight Fast By Eating Fruit

How to Lose Weight Fast By Eating Fruit

Whether you're trying to lose pregnancy weight, slim down before a reunion or just fit back into your favorite pair of jeans, there are plenty of diets that can get you to your goal. One of the tastiest options, however, is the fruit-based diet. While there are several different variations of this diet, one of the most popular is the Fruit Flush Diet developed by Jay Robb, a nutritionist and personal trainer. This diet promotes the detoxifying properties of fruit and promises up to a nine pound weight loss in just three days. As with all weight-loss diets, it should be followed sensibly and be accompanied by an exercise regime in order to maintain results.

The Fruit Flush Diet

1. Get your protein. The three-day Fruit Flush Diet begins with an entire day of protein shakes. Purchase protein powder at your local health food store and mix it into a shake following the manufacturer's instructions. Drink a shake every two hours between 8 am and 4 pm, as well as an 8 to 12 oz. glass of water one hour after each protein shake. At 6 pm dieters should prepare three to six cups of a mixed vegetable salad for dinner. You can choose whatever vegetables you want, as long as they are raw. Top the salad with the 1 tbsp. of flaxseed or olive oil, along with the juice of half a lemon or lime. You can also add three to six ounces of lean chicken, beef, turkey, fish or scrambled egg whites to your salad. Drink another 8 to 12 oz. glass of water one hour after dinner. You should consume approximately 100 to 125 g of protein over the course of the day, depending on the type of protein powder you select.

2. Eat fresh fruit. The diet plan changes on day two. Beginning at 8 am, you should eat one serving of fresh fruit every two hours. You can choose any type of fruit you like, as long as it's raw. Drink an 8 to 12 oz. glass of water one hour after you finish each serving of fruit. At 6 pm, prepare a mixed vegetable salad exactly as you did on day one, although no meat or egg whites are allowed as toppings. Drink a protein shake with your dinner.

3. Repeat day two. The Fruit Flush Diet is identical on days two and three.