How to Design a Healthy Lifestyle

How to Design a Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone knows that eating nutritious foods, exercising regularly and coping with stress are beneficial to the body and mind. But how do you balance work and family, friendships and hobbies without spreading yourself too thin? The solution is to incorporate these elements into a healthy lifestyle plan. Investing in professional assistance is a huge motivator and a small price to pay for a healthier, happier you


1. Consult your doctor as you begin to map out your new lifestyle. He or she will help ensure a safe and beneficial regimen based on your age and physical condition.

2. Hire a personal weight loss and nutritional adviser to get you started. His or her guidance and expertise will help you formulate a plan that's right for you and, more important, help you stay on track when you stray. See 24 Choose a Weight Loss Plan.

3. Seek out a professional trainer that you can relate to and develop a fitness program that you'll enjoy and maintain for the long haul. Moderate exercise can improve your quality of life by firming muscles, controlling weight, strengthening the heart and lungs, improving circulation and digestion, burning calories, and building strength, endurance and flexibility.

4. Reduce your stress level by finding a mental or physical outlet that works for you. Exercise, yoga and meditation are proven to reduce stress and increase a feeling of well-being. Walking regularly has huge health benefits for people of all ages and fitness levels--and it's free.

5. Get enough sleep. Lack of rest weakens your immune system and makes you susceptible to illness and disease. Also, drink plenty of water. It eliminates toxins, increases energy, aids in weight loss, and promotes better brain function.

6. Plan your meals in advance to avoid unhealthy choices such as fast or prepackaged foods. A weekly menu will help you stick to a more balanced diet and choose healthier options at the grocery store.

7. Make time for your family, your friends and yourself. Cultivating new relationships, enjoying a hobby and sharing time with your family will allow you to stay focused on what's truly important in life.